Step 6b:Wigging

How to Make Reborn Baby Dolls
Step 6b: Wigging the Hair

I’ll be honest, when it comes to the decision between rooting or wigging the hair of reborn dolls, I prefer rooting. Yes, it’s more work and it takes more time, but it also gives you more control and more satisfaction for a job well done. But not everybody wants to tackle what can be the potentially tedious task of rooting, so if you do choose to use a wig, follow this step.

Before actually applying the wig, place it on the head of the reborn baby doll to see if it works well, how it might be styled, how it fits, etc. If you’re confident you have what you need then you’re ready to go ahead and glue.

Turn the wig inside out and tuck any loose hairs inside so as not to interfere with the gluing or to get stuck out of place. Spread the glue all over the wig cap. You want a consistent, even layer, but not a dripping mess. Too much glue will leak out the sides, creating a mess once you apply the wig on.

Place the wig cap on the crown of the baby’s head and basically roll the wig down onto the rest of the head. Slide, center and adjust however you want, making the wig sit perfectly to your liking. Don’t worry about any glue in the hair of the wig, once it dries it can be brushed out relatively easily. Check the edges of the wig to see if anyplace needs anymore glue and make any final adjustments once again.

The glue dries quickly and there you go, a full head of hair for the reborn babies you make! While I prefer rooting, there is definitely a lot to be said for how quick and painless this process is in comparison.