Step 8:Weighting

How to Make a Reborn Doll
Step 8: Weighting the Doll

Achieving the correct weight for your reborn baby is as crucial as coloring them. Without the correct weight, the reborn doll will not have the "feel" of real baby.

Most reborn dolls are filled with fiberfill or even fine sand as it's easeir to achieve the right weight with those items. Sand does have its problems however. 

In many cases the doll is filled with bags of sand to allow for the weight to be in the certain sections to make it more realistic. If one of those bags rips however, the weight of the doll can shift to different areas.

It has been more common as of late to use polypellets or even glass beads to weigh down the reborn doll. These are easy to use, will not leak or shift compared to fiberfill or sand and it's pretty cheap to obtain. 

Baby fat pellets can also be used and that can really give a more realistic feel to the reborn baby when used correctly. Where possible you should keep the pellets in nylon or fabric bags when putting them inside the doll.

Part of weighing the reborn doll is knowing the approximate age you plan your baby to be. How heavy you're baby will be depends on the age you're making it. 

On average, a baby will gain about 1-2 lbs. (1/2 to 1 kg) a month for the first six months, and an average of 1 lb. (1/2 kilogram) a month from six months up to one year.