Step 1:Prep

How to Make Reborn Baby Dolls
Step 1: Preparing and Beginning

You have all of your supplies, and honestly, that’s one of the harder points. Now you have to begin the fun parts of actually preparing your reborn dolls. To begin with, you want to remove the doll’s head and limbs from the body.

This is where your X-Acto knife comes in handy. Feel out where the limb and head are connected to the body. You’ll find a small plastic tie holding on the part after pushing the fabric back where it is connected. Carefully cut the tie into two pieces to remove the body part.

Now that you separated the body part from the body, you want to make the holes wider where it was connected. This is to enable you to pour the dye easier and do everything with the face and head easier. However, you do not want to remove the indentation, as you need that for reattaching the body parts of your reborn baby dolls later on.

Find your ventilation/surgeon’s air mask as well as your rubber gloves. These are for precaution only and aren’t truly necessary, although I prefer to use them just to be safe. Also, you’ll want to move outside or at least be someplace with a good fan or two to keep the air moving.

You’ll be using the pure acetone to remove the painted hair from the head of the doll. You’ll also need to use the cotton balls, Q-tips and toothpicks. The key thing to remember when removing the hair is to not let any of the acetone drip down onto the face. It will ruin the colors and leave a streak or other unwanted marks.

Take a cotton ball and get some acetone on it. Starting at the hairline, you’ll want to rub the cotton ball in a smooth motion to the back of head. You’ll immediately see some of the painted on hair starting to come off.

Just don’t use the same side of that cotton ball again, or you’ll start smearing the removed paint all over. If you will be wigging for the hair of your reborn doll, don’t worry too much about the top of the head, because it will be covered by the wig itself.

Now you have to work a bit harder to get all of the remaining painted hair out of the small grooves and crevices. You can pinch and pull the head a bit to spread out the grooves and get in there a bit better. You’ll probably need to use a combination of the cotton balls, toothpicks and Q-tips to get the job done.

Use the cotton balls as you did before with the acetone, then alternate with a toothpick or Q-tip to clear out the remaining paint. Repeat the process until you get as much of the paint off as possible. If you will be rooting with dark hair, you don’t need to be perfect, but with lighter shades, you will want to get every speck off.

Finishing up your preparations, you’ll need to wash the head and limbs, particularly the head with all of that acetone that was used. Wash the head with soap and water and soak for as long as possible, really. You’ll also want to soak the limbs with some hot water and soap for an hour or more to help prepare them for an even coloring.

After soaking everything, wash the insides out and rinse. If you’re ready for a break, this a great time, because you can leave the head soaking overnight to ensure all of the acetone comes off.