Step 7:Styling

How to Make Reborn Baby Dolls
Step 7: Styling the Hair

Styling the hair of reborn babies is really fun, you have all of the control and can really do anything you want. Ultimately, you just want to shoot for the most realistic hair as possible, but you can style it as you please, using a wide range of techniques.

First, one thing you should always avoid is cutting hair straight across, it won’t turn out very well or look very appealing. Another thing to avoid is only cutting the long pieces of hair from the bottom. You should be cutting the hair from all over the head to make it as natural and flowing as you can.

You can cut with scissors, and you can try to use a more sawing motion to slice the hair. You can even use a razor blade for this. Hold a piece of hair between your fingers and slice diagonally. You can also layer the hair by grabbing some from different areas of the head and cutting at the same time. Pretend you are actually a hair stylist at a real salon, and cut the hair as you’ve seen it done a million times before.

What you should be left with is a light, flowing head of hair. As you cut, continue to brush the hair not just to style it but also to remove any loose hairs from the process. If you’ve rooted the reborn dolls’ hair, you should wet it again, use another bit of conditioner and place the pantyhose over it to keep it almost clinging to the scalp for a more realistic and satisfying look. Once dry, comb the hair as you see fit to give it the look you want. If you went the wigging route, you can skip that step and just comb and adjust it to look as you please.

You can even use a curling iron in thick spots to create little curls. The point is, whatever you want to do and however you want the hair to look, you can do it. If you’ve made it this far, you’re almost done and you have an excellent sense for this finished reborn baby doll already.