Step 9:Assembly

How to Make a Reborn Baby Doll
Step 9: Assembly

It’s finally time to put the reborn doll you’ve been working on back together, making it whole once again. Get all of the parts; the cloth body, the limbs and head, sand, poly pellets, polyfill, cable ties, the funnel, pantyhose and caulk.

You need to weigh down the limbs using a mixture of half sand and half pellets. There should be weight to it, but not so much that it outweighs or is disproportionate to the main body. Use the funnel to fill halfway up a limb with pellets, then fill the rest with sand. Cover the top and shake to distribute the two around. Top off once again and the cover the opening with a layer of caulk to prevent any spilling. Repeat this process for all of the limbs, and place them aside to dry for as long as necessary for the caulk.

To stuff the body of the reborn doll you’re working with, take a few long (about 8 inches) lengths of pantyhose and fill with poly pellets. You want to leave enough room at the end not just to tie off the pantyhose, but also so that the pellets aren’t jam packed in there. They should have some room to maneuver around in there. You want to use multiple sacks like this because it will distribute the weight better and give a more realistic feel than just one large bag right in the middle.

Place a bag in the bottom of the body and add some polyfill over it and repeat the process until you have stuffed the entire body. The polyfill cushions the bags and also fills out the reborn baby doll. You want to make it as even as possible, so there aren’t any bumps and it doesn’t look awkward. You’ll also need something long and sturdy to push the polyfill into all possible areas of the inside of the body. How much polyfill you use depends on how you want the reborn baby to be. Sitting upright requires more, for a stiffer feel and more support, while a sleeping reborn doll requires less.

Once the limbs have dried you can stuff the cloth limbs. Use polyfill and poly pellets, much in the way you filled the main torso area. Use enough polyfill to completely stuff the shoulder or hip area. If you don’t want to use loose pellets, you can make pantyhose sacks as you did with the body. Now you want to thread the limbs using the cable ties. You have to make sure that that ridges are facing up so everything ends up aligned correctly. Of course, you also need to make sure you have the right limb in the right spot, or you’ll have a very weird looking finished product!

Maneuver the cable tie into the little box on the other end, pulling it through but leaving enough space for the actual limb piece to fit in and be attached. Place the limb into its spot and pull the tie around the groove, making sure to pull it tight and make it secure. You know you did it right if the limb can’t turn at all and is completely secure. Now just cut off any remaining pieces of the cable tie that stick out and do the same thing for each of the 4 limbs. Getting close now!

To attach the head, you should follow a similar process as the limbs. This time though, take the pellet bag from the bottom of the original doll’s body and stuff the head with that. You can add another bag but that might just be the perfect size and weight. So, following the process, you thread the cable tie to the cloth body, this time to the neck, place the head in its spot and wrap the tie around the head. The head though should be able to twist a little bit, so tighten a little bit at a time until you have the perfect combination of secure, tight and wiggle room. Before moving on, set the baby up in different positions and make sure its stuffed correctly. You can also detach a limb if something needs to be maneuvered or filled differently, as long as you have replacement cable ties.

You have just completed putting together the reborn baby doll you have put so much effort and care into! Good work and congratulations! All you need now are the finishing touches. You can use clothes that are sized for newborns or up to 3 months of age and you can also have it wearing a newborn diaper. Dress up your reborn doll however you want, this is really fun and you can include lots of accessories like little bows and ribbons, bracelets or anklets, little caps and more! And don’t forget to name your precious little one!

Take a deep breath, you’ve made it all of this way! You should be proud of yourself, as the process of making reborn baby dolls is lengthy, complicated and time consuming. However, once you do it one time, you can do it again, and you’ll have all the confidence of completing it once, and enough skills and know how to add your own steps and style into the process.

This can be a bit of an addiction or guilty pleasure, and makes for quite the hobby. Some people love to give their reborn babies out as gifts, while some people keep them around the house and others sell them or give them away to toy drives. The options are endless and you should do whatever makes you happy. Making reborn dolls is a rewarding process, the hard work all pays off in the end!