Step 2:Base Color

How to Make Reborn Baby Dolls
Step 2: Applying the Base Color

Dying the body of your reborn babies can be challenging. Bruising and discolorations can occur even months after the fact, whether you use paint or dye. You get more with less in this process, so you’ll basically want to minimally apply some color to take the fake orange color away from the body parts.

To ensure you don’t make any mistakes, keep to a short dying time and use the mauve dye from the supplies list. The darker the shade is, the more of a chance of bruising, so you should avoid them. Don’t worry about trying to get the doll colored just as you want it to right now. The dye is used to remove that vinyl orange color, and the oil paints will be used later for the color itself.

Situate yourself at a large desk or table with paper towels, cloths or a large piece of cardboard lined on top to protect it from any dye. You will also need to use rings or something of the sort to use as makeshift drying areas for the different body parts of your reborn baby dolls.

Keep some bleach on hand just in case you get a drip on one of the doll’s parts. If this happens you have to act right away and try to use a small bit of bleach to remove it.

After removing the lid from the mauve dye, you’re going to microwave it for about 30 seconds. You shouldn’t have to worry about it exploding, but it will likely crackle or make some other noises. Be careful when you take the dye out of the microwave, the plastic will be hot - and likely warped, which is fine.

Now you get to have some fun by actually dying the limbs. Have your timer handy and be near a large sink. Set the timer to a minute and fill the limbs all the way to the indentation. Place the bottle of dye in the sink with the funnel on top, you’ll be pouring the dye back in to use from one limb to the next.

Once the minute is up, pour the dye out into the full and back into the bottle and rinse the limb with cold water. Immediately move onto the second limb. After two, the dye will need to be reheated for another 15-20 seconds. Repeat the process for the final two limbs.

Moving on to the head, you’ll need to reheat that dye again. This time set your timer for 90 seconds and pour the entire bottle into the head. This won’t fill the head entirely, so you’ll want to hold it sideways over the sink and rotate it around, allowing the dye to reach all the different portions of your reborn doll’s head. Again, pour out the dye and rinse the head.

After this process you can reevaluate to see if you need anymore dying. Hopefully you don’t, but sometimes and depending on what you’re going for, you’ll need more. Either do another round or if the dye really didn’t change anything, do two minutes for each part as opposed to one.

Of course, a word of caution, once you dye it, you can’t un-dye it, so make sure you want it darker before you begin another round! After all of this dyeing you’re probably ready for a break, so dry off the parts of your reborn babies and set them someplace to rest overnight.