Reborning Guide

How to Make Reborn Dolls

Deciding to make reborn baby dolls is a time consuming but rewarding task. There is no definitive guide on how to make the perfect reborn dolls, because everybody does it at least somewhat differently. That’s part of the fun though, following somebody else’s instructions until you have done it enough to create your own specific methodologies. This is a guide to help you get started down the path of creating reborn babies, but once you are on the path, you can truly make any adjustments that suits you.

To begin with, we will be using a 20-inch LaBaby doll for our reborning process. This is the most prevalent doll to use for the task, so it’s the best one to get acquainted with. However, these guidelines should be transferable to other types of doll kits. Since this is most likely your first time making reborn baby dolls, you should consider buying a cheap doll to practice with as you go ahead, such as a Lots to Cuddle doll.

So you have the doll you’re going to be reborning with, now you need the rest of the supplies, and trust me, there are a lot! The good news is that the majority of these can be purchased right here or at any crafts/hobbies store. First, let’s start with the tools you’ll need:

•    X-Acto Knife (or any kind of replaceable-blade knife)
•    Bag of cotton balls/swabs
•    Bag of Q-tips
•    Package of toothpicks
•    Funnel (small)
•    Paint brushes – 1 fine-tipped and 1 squared, both small
•    Makeup sponges
•    Acetone (not just nail polish remover, a pure variety)
•    Clear crafting glue
•    Timer
•    Blow dryer
•    Old stockings or pairs of pantyhose
•    Needle files
•    Flathead screwdriver
•    Small scissors
•    A smokeless paraffin candle
•    Air mask
•    Latex/rubber gloves
•    Tweezers

Now let’s move on to the supplies that will actually become a part of your reborn baby doll!

•    The 20 inch LaBaby doll (from Berenguer)
•    1 set of eyelashes
•    Replacement eyes for awake faces
•    A cloth body (with jointed limbs)
•    1 bottle of white glass paint
•    1 bottle of gloss for glass painting
•    1 bottle of sealer for glass paint
•    1 bottle Rit mauve dye
•    Caulk
•    Oil paints including flesh tone, red, white and purple
•    Linseed oil
•    Eyebrow penil
•    A 2 pound baby of clear poly pellets
•    Polyfill
•    1 pound of craft sand
•    Medium brown felt

That covers just about everything, except for the hair. As we’ll discuss a bit later, you can either root or wig the hair of reborn baby dolls, so you need to buy the supplies for whichever method you will be using.

For rooting the hair, purchase 1 ounce of mohair and a handful of felting needles. Buy a heavy duty variety of needles to start with, possibly 36 gauge, and as you become more accustomed to using them, switch to a finer needle with a higher gauge, such as 38 or 40. If you will be using a wig, you’ll need to purchase the wig of your choice, using either mohair or even synthetic mohair. For the LaBaby doll that we will be using, you should get a wig sized 14-15.

Those are all of the supplies that you need, you’re now ready to start your exciting journey into making your very own reborn baby doll!