Reborn Baby Boys

By popular request we've broken up our reborn baby doll section into male and female dolls. So check out these darling little reborn baby boys which could be the perfect addition to your family. If a lovely reborn male doll is what you desire, then look no further. We have some real cuties for you listed below.

reborn baby boy 21 inches 5 6 pounds

Price: $110.00

reborn its a boy by azygous kids nursery sculpted by tina kewy

Price: $390.00

happy times baby boy preemie berenguer life like reborn pacifier doll +extras

Price: $135.00

reborn toddler boy gabriella sculpt regina swialkowsky

Price: $854.00

adorable reborn baby boy lane jills reborn nursery sale

Price: $115.00

ooak reborn baby boy doll

Price: $195.00

kyle by pat moulton reborn sweet little boy

Price: $165.00

reborn lars a fair winter baby big heavy boy

Price: $145.00

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