Reborn Baby Dolls

When buying reborn baby dolls, there are a lot of elements to consider. First off, I would look to see if the highest caliber materials are utilized. For instance, you would want to be sure that the body of the doll is jointed, because if it is not, it won't possess a lifelike look and feel to it.

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Some materials are not the best and safest to use when weighting down a reborn baby doll. For example, the softer body fat pellets could melt inside the doll's vinyl pieces and really destroy your doll over time. The softer pellets are fine if they have been used just inside the cloth body.

When purchasing a reborn baby doll with rooted hair make sure the artist secures it from the inside of the head with waterproofed adhesive material. This is important because if the hair is not fastened correctly from the inside, the hair could fall out when combed. Ask if in doubt.

If the reborn baby is wigged, be sure the artist utilized a waterproofed adhesive material and in addition selected a nice quality wig. Synthetic wigs are all right, but they do not appear as true-to-life as the mohair wigs. A few human hair wigs are nice, but some aren't.

Buying a reborn baby doll is a personalized decision, and tastes vary. I believe it's useful to check up on the artist's feedback, and read their "about me" page if they have one. I hope this helps you in what to check for when trying to purchase a reborn doll. Happy buying and remember, have fun!