Reborn Doll Mohair

When reborning a doll, one of the most important parts is the hair. It's also one of the most time consuming if you choose to root, know as micro-rootting, the hair for a more realistic look.

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Mohair is the hair choice for many reborn artists as it's one of the most realistic. It comes from the fur of the Angora Goat and it's quite soft to the touch. It's the type of hair you find in scarves, sweaters, socks and even carpets. And now you can find it on reborn dolls.

You can buy mohair in many colors to fit the look of your reborn baby and can even get it in more outlandish colors. If you plan on selling the dolls after it's been reborn, don't go too crazy with the hair color choice. Not too many real babies are punk rockers :)