Reborn Doll Eyes

Next to reborn doll hair, eyes are a very important element in the reborning process. Without the right eyes, you're doll won't look realistic enough.

eyeco platinum soft glass eyes 21 mm reborn doll supplies forest hazel blue

Price: $14.99

22mm oval glass blue eyes reborn doll supplies 449

Price: $10.95

20 mm hazel pabol reborn doll eyes acrylic half round free shipping

Price: $9.50

reborn baby bjd doll eyes 20mm half round hazel so realistic

Price: $5.00

24mm pabol green reborn doll eyeshalf round acrylic free shipping

Price: $9.50

20 mm glastic blue acrylic half round doll eyes reborn

Price: $7.99

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Reborn doll eyes are available in a variety of styles and colors and you need to know what size will look best for your doll. In addition, we recommend using glass eyes, instead of plastic, as glass eyes will usually add that extra sparkle and make the doll look more realistic.