Reborn Doll Clothing

Reborn doll clothing, just like real baby's clothing, come in different sizes. You need to make sure you have the right size for your doll. Reborn doll clothes that are too small can damage the doll as it is now a collectible and not a play thing.

reborn baby doll soft silicone girl toy 22in 55cm pink head dress

Price: $91.98

baby doll handmade dress white lace christening reborn

Price: $17.99

reborn doll outfit

Price: $9.99

beautiful reborn baby doll clothes 22 xmas dress suit

Price: $11.99

handmade reborn doll clothes cute little dresses headdress shoes baby gift

Price: $9.99

clothes for 14 inch berenguer la newborn reborn doll pumpkin dress set

Price: $15.99

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When picking out reborn baby doll clothes just pick them out as if you were shopping for a real child. Don't just dress your beautiful reborn doll in any old set of rags. Dress them up as I'm sure you're proud of them as you would be your own child.

Look for deals where the outfits come with matching hats, shoes or other accessories. The more items you can get as a package deal the more money you will save in the long run.