Reborn Doll Care

Once you've received your precious reborn doll, you're going to want to care for it as well as you can. It's not really all that difficult, but many people forget that these delicate, lifelike dolls take a little bit of gentle loving care to stay in their best condition. Here's a look at how to treat your reborn doll, so that he or she looks realistic and beautiful for as long as possible.

The most important thing is to remember that reborn dolls aren't just another kind of toy. Hours of care have gone into creating these items, and they can't be handled in the same way as an ordinary doll. That means that children must not play with them, both for the integrity of the doll and the safety of the child. There are a number of parts in a reborn doll that could become loose and be a choking hazard, for instance. Children are likely to want to play with these fascinating dolls, so you'll need to make sure that they only handle them when supervised.

When moving or dressing a reborn doll, don't force any joints or parts. Otherwise, they could come loose. Reborn dolls are more like delicate artworks than ordinary playthings, and many of their components are only lightly attached, or may be brittle. The hair, for instance, is often rooted strand by strand into the scalp, and can be easy to pull out. Eyelashes, fingernails, and eyebrows are among the most delicate components of reborn dolls.

Take care that your doll stays at an even temperature. Too hot, or too cold, and the doll could be damaged. High temperatures can soften or melt the dolls' vinyl bodies, cause paint to fade or bleed, and cause glue to loosen. Don't leave your doll under a lamp or other light that could magnify the heat around it. Overly cold temperatures could cause cracking and brittleness that require entire sections of the doll to be replaced.

Dust is a concern, as well. It can accumulate on your doll and spoil its looks. Make sure that you keep your reborn doll in a place where it'll be safe from environmental factors, and dust it lightly on a regular basis, with no polish or cleaner.

If you plan to display your doll without moving it often, consider a showcase that will keep it clean and safe. This isn't an option for people who intend to handle their dolls often, but for those who won't, it's a good safety measure. The right care will keep your reborn dolls in top condition for many years, so you can enjoy them. It's not really that difficult - just treat them like the artworks they are.