Genesis heat set paints are used by many reborn doll artists worldwide.  They are a favorite of the artists because they won't dry out and remain workable while never permanently drying until they have been set to a temperature of about 265 degrees Farenheit. 

They are also highly concentrated and a small jar can be used on dozens of dolls.  They're just great, but for beginning reborn artists there are challenges you may face when you begin. Hopefully these tips and video will help.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that you don't want to your finished doll to look painted. A good finished doll needs to look lifelike. You can always add more coats of paint if needed, but you add too much initially, the result will be a very cakey and fake looking doll that can't be fixed easily. Your goal is to go for subtle changes in each step.

Always paint your dolls in natural light.  There's no substitute for natural lighting when creating a reborn dolls or any other work of art for that matter.  

Here now is a video on how to paint with Genesis Heat Set Paints. Enjoy!