OOAK Reborn Dolls

OOAK (one of a kind) reborn dolls are a unique, handcrafted dolls that resemble an actual baby. Their one of a kind detail catches the eye of many who often mistake them for a real live baby. Each OOAK doll is made individually and can also be custom made to order.

ooak reborn life like newborn baby doll saskia by bonnie brown w coa

Price: $480.00

ooak reborn newborn baby boy reborn baby jacob boy art doll

Price: $100.00

ooak reborn newborn baby girl baby baby art doll

Price: $220.00

surprise mystery reborn baby doll girl or boy its a surprise ooak with hair

Price: $248.39

queens crib ooak reborn baby girl or boy doll princess angel

Price: $972.00

reborn realisty baby doll artist made ooak

Price: $224.95

realistic baby doll reborn ooak girl strawberry blonde hair nr

Price: $1,395.00

luca elly knoops reborn baby girl doll 3 4 limbs human hair adorable ooak

Price: $349.00

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OOAK reborns have a wide price range depending on the quality and details you are looking for. The more personal details a doll has the more money it will cost. While OOAK reborn dolls can be more costly, they make wonderful gifts and collectibles for many admirers of reborn baby dolls.