Applying Eyelashes

Applying eyelashes to your reborn doll can be tricky but their are a couple of little things that you can do to make the process smoother and easier.

Tip - Always apply eyelashes after any heating to your doll's head has been completed. Eyelashes are usually made from a synthetic material that will melt, even at low temperatures.

Removing the old adhesive

The adhesive that's already on the eyelash is of poor quality so it's not the type of adhesive that you'll want to depend on to hold those little lashes in place.

You can either use your fingernail to remove the adhesive or apply Goo Gone (available at Walmart and other retail stores) to a Q-tip and wipe it away.

Application of new adhesive

Once you've cut down the eyelashes to size, you can apply new adhesive and the type of adhesive you use is a matter of personal preference.  Any high tack, all purpose craft adhesive should work well.  

Placing the eyelashes on your doll

Once you are ready to place the eyelashes on your reborn doll, you can use your fingers or a better way is to use the EZ-Lasher. It's a great tool that will make placing the eyelashes much easier.

Here's a video on how to apply eyelashes using the E-Z Lasher